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Introducing our Photo Film Keychain, a charming way to carry your favorite memories wherever you go! This miniature replica of a classic film roll allows you to showcase up to 10 of your most cherished photos in a compact and stylish accessory. Send your images to or in the Chat box below, and we'll professionally print them onto the keychain, creating a personalized keepsake that's perfect for yourself or as a heartfelt gift for loved ones. With its sleek design and secure clasp, this keychain ensures that your memories are always close at hand. Capture moments, share smiles, and reminisce on the go with our Photo Film Keychain.


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Photo Film Keychain

Only 4 left in stock
  • Send images to (Email Subject - Photo Film Keychain) with clarity in mind. Note that images will be reduced in size, potentially affecting clarity. We recommend selecting clear images for the best results. Keep in mind that we will only crop images to size; no additional editing will be done. Adjust image brightness or darkness beforehand if necessary. Please be aware that printed images may differ slightly from what appears on your screen due to monitor and printer variations. We can't guarantee the exact crop of your images. Select up to 10 images for your keychain. If fewer than 10 are sent, these areas will be left black.


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